Why Dogs Bark? Reasons And Solutions

barking dog

Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

There are many reasons a dog may bark. Some dogs bark at strangers, some bark to get your attention and some bark when they are bored. Paying close attention to your dog will help you determine when and why your dog barks. Until you know why your dog is barking, you will not be able to stop the behavior. Here are a few ways you can stop your dog from barking, based on the reason the dog is barking.

Remove Your Dog From the Situation

Some dogs bark because they are protective. They may bark if someone rings your doorbell, if a stranger enters your home, or as they sit and watch people go by. The easiest way to stop a dog from barking in these instances are to remove a dog from the situation. This may include putting your dog in a different room when company is over or placing baby gates in front of your sliding doors so your dog can’t look out.

In the long term, you should work on socializing your dog with people. Slowly get it used to new people and take him or her places where it may see people, such as dog parks. This will help your dog feel more comfortable around strangers, which may reduce or eliminate the need to bark.

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Ignore Your Dog

Another reason why a dog may bark is to get your attention. If your dog is hungry or wants to play, he or she may bark at you. If it has gotten your attention in the past, the behavior will continue. The easiest way to deter your dog from doing this is to ignore it when it is barking at you. Do not feed or play with your dog until the barking stops. Once he or she learns that barking will not get what it wants, the behavior should stop.

Keep Your Dog Tired

The last reason a dog may bark is because he or she is bored. This often happens if a dog does not have toys to play with, is not getting enough exercise or is left home alone for too long. The easiest way to prevent your dog from barking out of boredom is to keep your dog tired. Make sure your dog has adequate toys that appeal to him. Also make sure it is getting plenty of exercise and attention.

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